Remy Holwick: Model & Photographer – Ideal Woman
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Remy Holwick: Model & Photographer

Self portraits by Remy Holwick. Edited by Isaiah Teofilo

What do you love most about being a woman?

It took me a long time to love being a woman. I had to undo a lot of internalized misogyny. I think my favorite thing about being a woman now is how much my status as a woman means to me after all the work I had to do in order to get to this place of appreciating and my gender for what it is.  I love being able to work in feminism and help other women get to a place where they can feel the same way. When you work for anything, it makes it more meaningful.



You are part of a secrete society for feminists. How does your group further female empowerment? 

I think it relates a lot to what I said earlier-- a lot of the work we do is in undoing the misogyny that we learn growing up, in which we become convinced that to be special, we have to be different than other women.  All women are special, and the group empowers women by-- somewhat paradoxically-- helping them understand how special and powerful it is to be a part of our gender at large, rather than isolated in the belief that they have to be different than other women to be special.  We are an intersectional feminist group, so we believe that only by validating the lives and choices of all women, and becoming empowered as a group rather than as the sum of our life opportunities and decisions individually, will we be able to achieve true gender quality and end the patriarchy.



You are a model / photographer. How has your experience in front of and behind the camera shaped your notion of beauty?

I think that if anything, it's made me see how manufactured our beauty standard is.  The traditional media "beauty" is the result of a lot of work, a lot of good lighting, a lot of photoshop.  It's unachievable.  I've learned that it has nothing to do with what beauty really means.  We have to define what is beautiful in each of us, and recognize that beauty-- both external and internal-- in each other.


What is an ideal woman to you?

Every single woman on the planet has an ideal woman in them.  There's so much toxicity that the patriarchy has instilled in us, teaching us to be ashamed of our gender and our bodies and to compete with each other, but none of that is at the core of who we really are. Under all that, we are all ideal women.


Who are you currently crushing on and why?

My CVLT!! I love them. The strongest and most beautiful 3k women I could ever imagine being around.  Also Michele Dauber, who is the chair of the Committee to Recall Aaron Persky, because, without even trying, she has taught me the value of being in dialogue with other feminists. There are so many factions of feminism, and it's so important to see the common ground and learn together.