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We are constantly inundated with images that define “feminine beauty.” Often times these images are illusions created by technology, far removed from reality. 

Beauty trends and ideals swing like a pendulum, moving from one extreme to the other over time. At any given moment, we may find ourselves on the “right” or the “wrong” side of this swing. But this binary is a false one. Rather than striving to fit some idealized illusion, we should stop and consider who we are as individuals, and celebrate our imperfections.  We are not cookie cutter forms.

We need a new symbol to break the monotony and challenge these unattainable ideas of perfection.  The Ideal Woman symbol is an agent of change, a tool for contributing to female empowerment. The Ideal Woman smiles back at you, reminding you that she is an unnatural, unrealistic, oversimplified portrayal of “beauty.”  

It is a reminder that YOU ARE THE IDEAL WOMAN!

IDEAL WOMAN jewelry launched in Los Angeles and has gained a cult following with fans including Lena Dunham, Sophia Bush and Rosario Dawson and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Harpers BazaarPaper,  ELLE.comVogueJezebel, and Racked.