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Denise Hewett: Founder of Scriptd

Ideal Woman Denise Hewett Denise Hewett in her West Hollywood apartment getting ready to DJ. 
Shot by Allie Pohl

Why did you create Scriptd?   

At Scriptd, we believe that storytelling is the quickest way to create change yet Hollywood, an industry of storytelling, has a story problem. Audiences are hungry for diverse content but the existing models are outdated and can't catch up to the current landscape of viewers. 

Scriptd is a script database for the entertainment industry (google for scripts if you will) that is a true pipeline for diversity and content discovery.  We are also creating script culture like book culture so the public can pay to read scripts for the first time ever (like e-books) and upvote them on the site. This allows us to tap into audience bases, capture the data behind them and make better buys and bets to achieve greater commercial success. 

How does Scriptd help equal the playing field? 

I believe we have to start from an inclusive space to create equality which is why our platform is free for writers. We want to create a pipeline and that starts with eliminating the barrier to entry. We had 5 movies optioned off the site last year and 4 out of the 5 were written by women.  We're extremely proud of that.

As a female entrepreneur what is your biggest feat thus far?

Engineering change is a really challenging task. Whether it's technological change or social change. The hardest part is asking people to shift the way they are used to doing things. 

Ideal Woman Denise Hewett

You handled sales and marketing at the famed nightclub, The Box. What was it like working at a nightclub?

I was young and it was an amazing opportunity to help curate and drive one of the most iconic places in Manhattan but now I realize how integral the skillsets I learned there are.  Working in hospitality is the absolute best way to build a network. Everyone goes out. At the time, I didn't know I'd later be starting a company but so many of the people I worked with, became friends with, are part of the fabric of our company. I always joke that nightlife is the best boot camp. You're dealing with people often at their worst, in a service oriented business. You have to learn how to protect your company's interests, keep people happy all while most of them are drinking champagne. My years there are some of the most treasured of my life. 

You were are stylist (clear from our shoot!) and worked on huge projects (such as Sex and the City 2)! What made you stray away from that industry?

I LOVE fashion as a mode of expression. My major in college was clothing as culture. The more I got into the fashion world though the less passionate I found myself about clothes. To love it fully, I realized it had to be a hobby. The business of fashion wasn't for me. 

You are a DJ! How did you get into djing and what are some of your go to tunes right now?

It's actually a really amazing story. I was at a liquor focus group (yes it's what you think) and I started talking to a guy that was there. He was in A&R and we started talking music, sharing songs we liked. I happened to mention a band that he had signed and he quickly started to trust my opinion. We became fast friends and would exchange tracks regularly. He kept joking that we should DJ together and then one day he called me and told me he booked us a residency in Williamsburg and I was like well, I guess I have to learn how to DJ. The rest is history. 

What I listen to is constantly changing but I've recently fallen back in love with The Smiths and ELO, playing through their full discography. Mura Masa, Jerry Folk and Sofi Tukker have fun tracks to spin. You'll get a different answer to this question depending on the day you ask me. 

Ideal Woman Denise Hewett

What does empowerment mean to you? 

Empowerment means personal and professional fulfillment. I'm a big proponent of doing the work, career work and inner work.  Confidence comes from knowing and trusting yourself. That's when you are most empowered. 

What do you like most about being a woman? 

Too many things!!!! I love female camaraderie.  Female friendships are pretty epic. 

What is an ideal woman to you? 
An ideal woman is every woman. We have to get better at expanding our view of what women are. 
Who are you crushing on an why?

I admire so many women but Sheree Waterson gives me LIFE. She is a an example of the type of leader I aspire to be. She is equal parts kind and bossy. I'm so so lucky to call her a friend. 

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