Ellie Burrows: CEO of MNDFL – Ideal Woman
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Ellie Burrows: CEO of MNDFL

One of the ways to maintain our Ideal Womaness is to keep our minds at peace. This weeks Ideal Woman, Ellie Burrows, helps us do just that!

Ellie is a certified personal development coach, writer, and is the Chief Executive Officer of MNDFL; a meditation studio in New York City. 

Ideal Woman Ellie started off as a high executive in the film business for a number of years. Ellie focused on the business side of film: producing, selling, financing and finding new talent. Ellie started to notice that her meetings began to evolve into coaching sessions around effective communication and interpersonal relationships. She quickly realized those conversations were her favorite part of her job so she chose to pursue "mindfulness" in a more meaningful way.

Ellie quite her job to traveled the world as a spiritual tourist to see what she could find. After traveling the world, Ellie went back to school to get her Certificate in Coaching from New York University. 

Struggling with her practice Ellie was finding it incredibly hard to meditate in her own home. She wanted to meditate in a space that wasn’t religious and didn’t involve a weekend-long commitment. Realizing she needed a space where she could drop into with a community that was interested in exploring meditation in a contemporary context she began to think about having her own studio and what that would look like.

Ellie had an idea! Loving the feeling of group meditations and the format of boutique fitness studios—with the ability to reserve a spot online or dropping in and joining class; she join forces with Lodro who ran the Institute of Compassionate Leadership, a non profit where Ellie was volunteering. Together, they created MNDFL. 

MNDFL, exists to enable humans to feel good. Ellie and the meditation studio aim to give its students the tools to approach their day with more mindfulness in a format that fits into their hectic lifestyle without forgoing authenticity.

Ellie is an Ideal Woman because she helps other become more mindful and at ease! 

Ellie has a crush on Ally Bogard

I am surrounded by so many women who inspire me, but the word crush is rather nuanced. A crush is an intense thing - it's something something that makes us almost giddy. There's an energy to it - it's addicting. With that in mind, I'm crushing hard on Ally Bogard.

Anyone that meets this woman, immediately crushes on her too. Ally is a true teacher and a real deal embodiment of the divine feminine, her connection to that which we cannot see is palpable. She teaches at our studio, MNDFL, but she also teaches yoga and has a private practice coaching, mentoring and providing council to individuals.

We recently did an event at the studio in partnership with THINX and Ally lead a group of women through a lecture and meditation - she stirred the hearts of each and every woman who was in the room. Masterful in the way she weaves ancient and modern wisdom together, she can make you feel like you're the only person in a room of 1,000,000. She's the kind of woman I'd want to build a fort out of blankets with and stay up all night talking to. She's all light and she always leaves me wanting more.