Lina Esco: Activist and Actress – Ideal Woman
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Lina Esco: Activist and Actress

Lina Esco is the Ideal Woman

Ideal Woman Lina Esco is an actress, filmmaker and activist. I met Lina while she was working on the Free The Nipple film. I was captivated by her beauty, her creativity, her passion, and her pure desire for equality. I immediately knew she was an Ideal Woman. 

As an actress, Lina is currently starring in the new Netflix series FLAKED.  She is also a lead role in season 3 of KINGDOM on DirectTV. She has been in CBS's show Cane, and in the films, London, Kingshighways, LOL, and my personal favorite, Free The Nipple

Lina not only stared in Free the Nipple, she also directed the film while founding the Free The Nipple movement!  Free The Nipple was the trojan horse to help start a real dialogue about gender equality. Lina came up with “free the nipple” because "it’s engaging and funny—and the fuel we needed to start a serious dialogue about gender equality. The shaming of the female nipple is a direct reflection of how unevolved this puritanical country is. You can pay to see women topless in porn videos and strip clubs, but the moment a woman owns her body, it’s shameful." Lina's quest was the change the censorship laws while getting us one step closer to gender equality. The film is fun and engaging and sold to IFC for theatrical distribution on Netflix. 

Lina is also an activist for the dolphins. She produced and directed several PSA's for the Academy Award-winning Best Documentary of 2009, The Cove, entitled, "My Friend is..." to bring awareness to the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

Lina is an Ideal Woman because she is an overall bad ass! She stands up for what she believes in and makes a grand effort to make a difference. 

Lina has a crush on Alice Paul

Alice Paul is the Ideal Woman

Alice Paul is the woman I am crushing on. She has been fighting for women’s rights since the 1900’s.  

Alice Paul, introduced the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) in 1923 and spent her entire life trying to get it passed. Presently, the US still does not have a Constitution equality provision guaranteeing women equal rights in a country that prides itself on freedom.

Free The Nipple, will now be doing everything possible to continue Alice Paul’s ERA mission and get it in our constitution.  Her vision was the ordinary notion that women and men should be equal partners in society. Alice Paul also helped American women gain the right to vote after a seventy-two year battle in August 18, 1920.