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Laura Schubert: CEO of Fur

This week's Ideal Woman Crush is Laura Schubert. I met Laura and her sister Emily on my last trip to New York. I immediately knew these were Ideal Woman as they had the courage to question a taboo subject.

Laura is the CEO and cofounder of Fur, the first line of products that cares for your pubic hair and skin.

Co-founders and sisters Laura and Emily, along with childhood friend Lillian, noticed that while many hair removal products and services existed, there were no products for daily care.  Why don’t we treat our most sensitive area with more respect? Laura started meeting and working with chemists immediately.

Creating an entirely new beauty category, Fur’s natural products care for and nourish your luscious pubic hair.

Prior to Fur, Laura was a management consultant at Bain and Company. Interested in starting her own business since graduate school, she honed her skills while waiting for the right idea and the right team to launch a new venture and Fur was it!

Laura is an Ideal Woman because she created, founded, and developed a new and very unconventional product. She believes in what she does and works hard to get her product on as many pubes as possible. As Cameron Diaz said, praise the pubes, and we are all for it! 

*Laura is also extremely supportive of her fellow female entrepreneurs. Thank you Laura for being you and doing what you do! 

Laura has a crush on Seven Brown

For my Ideal Woman Crush, I would like to spotlight Seven Brown, owner and founder of Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic.

I met Seven shortly after I launched my business, Fur. Her steely phone demeanor immediately intrigued me. She asked great questions about my products and wanted all the facts about them. She also cared about how we would support her business and wanted to make sure that we would be good partners to each other and together serve the greater community.

I learned more about Seven when I met her in person at Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic a few weeks later. In 2011, she started performing treatments in a modest space inside a yoga studio. She would set up shop, work with her clients, and move everything back out at the end of the day. With determination, through word of mouth, and pure hustle, she built the business she proudly owns and operates today, right across the street. The large, airy salon features multiple treatment rooms and a full staff.

Seven is not only a tenacious businesswoman, but also an educator. She is recognized as the Lead Advanced Educator at New York’s Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics, one of the top schools in New York. Speaking to her estheticians, it is clear that the staff is knowledgeable. She asked us to come in multiple times to train using Fur’s products, showing her attention to detail and the importance she places on learning and investing in her staff.

Lastly, Seven has been an incredible support to me as I launch my small business. At the front of the Clinic, there are a variety of products. Seven knows the founders of these products - she focuses on helping other women realize their dreams. She is a woman who lifts up other women as well. As she wrote to me: “Women need to build together and help one another. Men have figured this out and it works for them. We often have the burden of balancing work and family in a way that sometimes inhibits reaching our full capacity and that should not happen. Who knows what the woman next to you can bring into the world with just a little help.”

I would also like to share Seven’s advice to other aspiring business owners:

  • Never give up
  • Never let anyone define or limit you
  • Whatever you do, make it your best
  • Bring someone else along - mentor and be helpful. There is enough to go around
  • Never ever give up

Seven is a female founder, an educator, and a supporter of other women. She is an Ideal Woman!